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Evolution Move. The Model

Ending poverty, hunger and injustice in the world today is possible thanks to technology. Since the current economy is the main barrier to achieving well-being in the world, not even to guarantee human rights and is not foreseen in the future, it is time to redefine money since it is not powerful enough to reach everybody.


A free money that can reach everyone, that no one can take away avoiding robberies and violence and that no one can negotiate with him avoiding any mafia or embezzlement, how? With a simple computer program easy to manage that distributes a balance or money to all people at zero cost (computer). And how is it done so that no one can take it away from us or that two people can not negotiate with him? Making it impossible to circulate, that is, everyone has a salary but money can not pass from one person to another, if I buy a table that is worth 100 the money of the transaction is not received by the seller, but simply It is deducted from the balance or money of the buyer, the seller already receives a monthly balance for his services like all the others.


But, how does this change affect the social system? Well, that depends on whether we are talking about, of a globalized model or a local model within a capitalist framework. The local character model is the same as the globalized model, except for the necessary adjustments to coexist in symbiosis with the capitalist model.


Know before continuing reading that there are no points or closed sections, all are always subject to change. This periodic feedback with society is necessary for the development of the model.

Evolution is a new way of understanding the world.

Built and based on technology and progress.

The globalized model

This model is designed on the assumption that the model governs the entire planet with the basic premise of human rights, all people will have housing, education and free health, a decent job and a guaranteed retirement.

Evolution Move. Vivienda


  • Each person has a home, people under 25 have free rent. Structural and supply reforms are free.
  • In the case of short-term rentals, if it is for work reasons will be free, however, if it is for recess will have a cost as in hotels or apartments (to see the prices in this section, read the interactive example).

Evolution Move. Educacion


  • The education is free in all its stages, including the material and the stay, there where the student follows his education. The subject of travel is related in the transport section.
  • Education is an isolated body of the government, it is the schools themselves that choose their own cognitive and procedural learning techniques. At the end of each training cycle, all students are tested in the same way, to evaluate the models of the educational centers.
  • There will be a number of educational centers such that there are no overcrowded classrooms. As the teaching positions are doubled, the ratio of teachers to students is doubled. Students can choose between two shifts, from Monday to Wednesday or from Thursday to Saturday, just like their parents or teachers.
  • The opening or closing of an educational center will depend on the affluence of the students and to ensure a comfortable teacher-student ratio, maximum 10 students per classroom, for example.


  • Health is completely free, no resources are spared in this section, There is a sufficient number of centers, professionals and means to meet patients in ideal conditions.
  • Health is also an isolated body of the government, it is the health professionals who decide how to administer and govern themselves. They have their own universities.
  • People of advanced age or who are dependent, will have health and human care according to their conditions.
  • The drugs are free, although the doses will be adjusted as prescribed by the doctor. The pharmacist will weigh the volume of purchase of drugs that is recorded and that can be read on the identification card, either personal or family (see chapter of identification card) to avoid mass consumption or to detect addictions.


  • As the cost of labor is zero, you can unfold jobs, ended up living for work, the week of the workers consists of 3 working days and 4 holidays, or what is the same 24 of weekly work.
  • There are 5 or 6 types of salaries with equal status, the lowest and with difference for the unemployed, another common for the worker, another for entrepreneurs, education, justice and health, another for hard or dangerous jobs and another for retirees and people with disabilities . (an example is shown in the local model)
  • When splitting the jobs there is a great demand for workers, the unemployed are willingly. In order to increase the number of available workers, all those jobs likely to be available are robotized, such as in manufacturing factories.
  • The employment contract has functionary status for everyone. The issues arising from the work environment are resolved in the Human Resources department of the administration.
  • A worker can freely ask to change his job, this will be effective when this change does not affect the productivity of the company.
  • A worker can not be dismissed until a new place of work is found.
  • Job losses are replaced by part-time unemployed (unemployed volunteers who want extra money), young people in educational practices or job placement and retired people who have the desire.


  • The employer is responsible for the workers and the business idea. The changes and / or restorations are free, the employer has a cabinet that will guide him/her if she/he wishes to improve the business.
  • The success of the business will depend on their numbers or productivity, being able to close the business if the calculated expectations are not met, which will vary depending on the business.
  • The supply or purchases of the business will be free for the entrepreneur and will adjust to the calculated expectations. The employer can not raise money with his/her products, he/she has his salary like everyone else.
  • An employer may terminate a worker at any time, but the cessation will not be effective until the worker has a new job and has been notified with sufficient time.
  • Entrepreneurs can associate with each other or unfold, in order to manage their business during the six working days a week.


  • The retirement age is to be determined, a solution could be 30 years worked or 35 years between years worked and years of higher education or turn 65 been unemployed, it also depends on the type of work. The salary or retirement pay is higher than the labor and it is no longer a problem, it does not take away the sleep of people anymore.
  • With free health support at any level.


  • As in education and health, there is no intrusive ministry, they self-manage themselves and have their own universities. The people are the ones who always rule over the good work of justice, medicine, education and the rest of the system, through periodic feedback.
  • After economic money, violence is the next stigma that must fall. Here the debate is extensive and decided by the humanity, the only tolerated violence is that which exists under sports rules.
  • An amnesty is made for all those people who are in jail for causes that in this model have no meaning, for example, cases of economic misappropriation will be reviewed.


  • Transportation is free except air, marine or land taxis, to avoid crowds and traffic jams. Thus, going from end to end of the planet has no cost.
  • The private transport of goods has a cost, the professional is free.
  • The expected large influx of people to free public transport requires the construction of new infrastructures, such as ports, airports, etc.


  • A prime function of the government is the logistics of the model, responsible for this function is administration.
  • Also the supervision of the model promoting the feedback between the people and the system, is a function. Make changes in the model, according to the wishes of the people and knowing the limits of the model.
  • There are no ministries of education, health or justice are independent bodies.
  • Another function of the government is to publicize the culture of its people abroad and create bridges with other cultures. Each culture or society, therefore, must have a ruler, governor or sage who can perform this task. Although it is not essential for the operation of the model.
  • Identification cards are reduced to one, a card containing the identity document data, driving license data, medical and pharmaceutical data, or cashier to pay.
  • The army is used and trained in rescue or relief exercises, as the first defender of humanity.
  • The administration is responsible for logistics and is divided into sections such as; Human resources, Housing, Documentation, Health, Education, Business, Projects, etc.
  • Annually a ceremony is celebrated in which the best ones in their field are rewarded and at all the levels, that is to say, from the best one of the company, better of the district, … until the best one of the country. The winner receives a prize according to his win.

Energía y recursos

  • The planet uses only clean and renewable energy. And this is free for everyone.

  • A plan is made about the resources of the planet and take a place a symbiotic action between the resources and the human being.

The Local Model

In this case you have to import resources from other countries so the state or local society must raise financial money to be able to buy these resources. To collect this money sells its products, for example, in exports and tourism, but of course, introducing a change of non-capitalist system in a capitalist world is not easy, even so, must fit without brusqueness and be able to coexist to demonstrate the success of the model . How? Well, always waiting for a better idea, the following can be a starting point.


For this local model, Spain has been chosen to make the parallelism, a middle country of the geopolitical north

Análisis del estado

In the chart below you can read the total income of the Spanish state in recent years, the «diferencia» column refers to the annual Spanish debt to Europe. Spain, currently with a total income of almost 300 billion a year, has annual losses exceeding 85 billion euros, which added to the figures of recent years reported in the chart, gives a total debt of more than a one trillion euros.


On the other hand, exports and tourism currently report 330 billion euros, if all this money had a common purpose and we consider that public spending (public employee, retirement, etc ..), does not exist in this system, it would mean that the state would have a surplus of more than 150 billion euros per year. The framework of the model usually has the same behavior for any society.

El marco del modelo suele tener el mismo comportamiento para cualquier otro país.


Evolution Move Datos Modelo Local 1

Evolution Move Datos Modelo Local 2


  • Spain continues to pay annually for its «European quota», the idea is to continue in Europe, the model coexists with the capitalist model. How public spending ceases to exist, can begin to pay the debt and Europe saves many Spanish wages.
  • Pay at least 60% of the most advanced mortgages and build houses at zero cost.
  • The key to the fit of the model in Europe lies in the fact that the labor cost of Spanish products is zero, it is the cheapest product on the market. In this same sense, the looks of the great brands of the planet that are eager to produce at low costs are attracted.
  • It negotiates with foreign brands in order to have a broad market to reduce the global economic influence of the model and maintain the linearity in the globalized life of Spaniards.
  • Banks are the deposits of Spanish money. You can convert financial money at a rate of 1€ = 1.5, this is due to avoid the flight of capital and to favor currency exchange.
  • The goods obtained by the people in the previous stage are respected.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to continue charging in financial money can do so, but must leave Spanish nationality, although they can live in Spain without any problem.
  • One of the first movements is to provide the infrastructure model enough for its proper development. Schools, hospitals, homes, means of transport, there is much to do and even if it is redundant, at zero cost.
  • To the persons who for work or educational reasons have to live or spend the night in a capitalist country, the administration will provide them residence and a payment stipulated in the following chapter.
  • The control of money, both financial and IT, has the administration and is ruled by the people.
  • The banks are governed by the financial system, providing interest to the Spanish deposit. It is contemplated that some powerful groups do not cooperate, these companies can be treated as foreign companies, have free labor and the government negotiates a price for their services.


  • At the time of making the salaries for this referred model in Spain, it is decided to reduce the potential of the model and adjust to the current prices, in search of a smooth change. For this model, It has been taken in consideration a current price of the products in stores minus 21%, because there are no taxes.
  • The minimum wage in Spain is currently 825 euros, an example of salary for this model could be 14 payments a year and with these monthly payments ..
    • general officer = 2000
    • medicine / education / businesswoman = 2300
    • would work with hard or dangerous work = from 2300 to 3000
    • unemployed = 600
    • retired or disabled = 2600
    • worker abroad = 2000 euros
    • Students abroad = 600 euros
  • An average couple charges 4000 per month and the prices of the products have dropped by 21%, this may be a good salary principle for the model, but without forgetting that many of the products offered have free labor, so both salaries As the price of the products are susceptible to change for the better, depending on the feedback of the population.

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